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FOR MORE THAN 27 YEARS THE CACCIATORE LAW GROUP has been effectively representing commercial and residential property owners in eminent domain matters (commonly referred to as condemnation).

Founding and Senior Partner Victor J. Cacciatore II offers the legal experience and sophistication you can trust to efficiently and authoritatively handle any federal, state or local eminent domain matter. From actual challenges of property takings through appellate representation, Mr. Cacciatore offers the expert knowledge of eminent domain law that you need to successfully defend you when the government attempts to take your property. For more than 13 years, he has exclusively represented the interests of property owners—securing millions of dollars in recoveries through negotiation, trial and appeals for diverse clients, including Fortune 500 companies, national franchises, farmers, residential homeowners and small business owners.

Whether through partial or total takings, federal, state and local governmental entities use the eminent domain / condemnation process to widen roadways, create public parking lots, build convention centers, libraries and schools, and even make property available for redevelopment through Tax Increment Financing Districts.

If you have received notice that a governmental entity intends to condemn your property, either partially or totally, the sooner you contact the Cacciatore Law Group, the more likely we can maximize your compensation.


If we do not secure compensation for your property higher than the government's original offer, you do NOT pay!


Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

REAL ESTATE is a major investment. While at times home or business owners may be able to negotiate what they consider a fair price for a property without representation—most often, owners will not maximize compensation from the government without a lawyer experienced in Eminent Domain, an unusual area of law with its own unique rules regarding compensation.

Do not risk losing money to the government on one of your biggest investments! To reach the optimal net result from a city, state or federal government body (dollars in your hand) in an eminent domain case, you should be represented by a competent, knowledgeable Eminent Domain attorney who can help you understand the full extent of compensation for which you may be entitled.

Select Results

Thornton's Gas Station, Bloomingdale, IL. Partial taking case against IDOT. Settled for more than seven times the initial offer.

Auto Painting Facility, Bloomingdale, IL. Partial taking case against IDOT. Initial offer: $41,600. Jury award: $239,000.

Five-acre Private Estate, Homer Glen, Will County, IL. Partial taking case against Illinois Tollway. Jury verdict awarded owners nine times the initial government offer.

Two-Unit Apartment Building, Chicago, IL. Taking of an aerial easement by the CTA. Case settled for more than six times the initial offer—without the use of an appraiser.

Animal Care Center, Frankfort, IL. Partial taking case against IDOT. Initial offer: $9,000. Settled for: $115,000. More than 12 times the initial offer without any depositions.

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